The siren's song of the

The oil’s given properties are as follows: for the sending of nightmares of truth; to incite death by drowning; to cause true visions of great pain and unpleasant facts; to discover difficult answers; to silence babies.

This is a dangerous oil - the lunar counterpart to Wolf & Goat’s oil ‘Fire From Heaven’ (itself intrinsic to the creation of ‘Waters of the Moon’ while the two combined form the heart of the oil ‘Graal of the Unicorn’), equal in catastrophic potential, though opposite in temperament.

While ‘Fire From Heaven’ is the wrath and potency of the male Sky God (in this instance, YHVH), ‘Waters of the Moon’ is depth, darkness, liquid, feminine - the clutching, twitching fingers of cannibalistic mermaids - Siren in a bottle, whose voice is the constant call to madness and death by water. The nature of the madness here - shattering personal revelations - is different from some other oils that may cause hideous phantasms, visions and delusion, in that it deals only with what already exists, shining the harshest light possible upon it, turning it into a seductive spectre of horror, guilt or lunacy.

A select list of ingredients is here given:

Animal with more than 8 legs • Fish bone • Frog • Avian heart • Shark teeth •
Human Tears • Human Bone & Teeth

Queen Elizabeth Root • Mugwort • Wormwood • Myrrh • Valerian • Poppy • Jasmine Oil • Elder • Willow • European Mandrake

Moonstone • Crystal

among many other ingredients...

The oil contains over forty ingredients total, brought together in a silver bowl that had collected spit gathered between each step of the final day of preparation of the oil ‘Fire From Heaven’ - this being an essential ingredient to the creation of this formula. In addition, the Wolf & Goat oil ‘Eyes of the Night’ was also used in the creation of ‘Waters of the Moon’.

Upon the the 5th Solomonic Pentacle of the Moon, the oil was brought together through a desperately long and tricky process of heating, cooling, numbered stirs with wood of fig, and enchanted by song and frost.

CAVEAT: This oil is a strangler. It should absolutely not be kept near children or pregnant women, with babies being the most at risk. As an extreme hater of sunlight, the oil comes shrouded in white cloth wrapped in chain - and it is recommended it is kept this way, in a place that does not get touched by the light of day. The Master Bottle here at Wolf & Goat is kept as such.

This oil will come with a lengthy description, instructions and cautionary advice on a cloth scroll. All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained.


UPDATE 10/19/15: This oil is no longer available for purchase. We must, by necessity keep it in stock for making Graal of the Unicorn, and will keep the page here for information and archival purposes.



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