Mirroring the traditional 'Son of

When a goblin comes to consciousness on the seal of a planet, the results are unpredictible. The goblin's personality fuses with the impulses afforded it through planetary correspondences and tempered by the the makeup of its individual charge. Each planet offers different potential qualities in demeanor, specialty and proclivity. Each is still 'goblin', and equally so, a tie to the vastness of the planets themselves~

This goblin doll sits thirteen inches tall (an additional three inches if the hand atop his head is extended). Poseable at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists (including the hand atop his head), waist, hips, knees and ankles. He is heavy for his size.

His form is inspired by the description of the 'Son of Jupiter' from Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book II, Chapter 39:

They made also another Image of Jupiter for a religious and glorious life, and advancement of fortune; whose figure was a man having the head of a Lyon or a Ram, and Eagles feet, cloathed in Saffron coloured cloathes, and he was called the son of Jupiter.

His right eye is a large dark piece of Lapiz lazuli, the left eye is carved and painted bone. He has an interior Jupiterian charge consisting of:

whole nutmeg peacock feather • human bone powder (not strictly Jupiter, but he called for it) •
mint • three pieces of amethyst

amongst several other ingredients...

Silver fox fur and peacock feather fringes attached to his head, and his body is annointed with a properly made alchemical tincture of Melissa, and held over burning sage, endowing him with further Jovial energy.

The charge was built on the Seal of Jupiter from Agrippa, drawn on blue satin and anointed with our Goblin Ensouling Oil to birth a Goblin in proper Jupiter day and hour.

The Planetary Goblins, being built on the points of the planets and filled with materials in harmony with them, are meant as sorcerous tools, as they will naturally draw the attention of the planetary powers they are built upon.

The Goblin will come with a vial of Goblin Oil and a cloth scroll detailing his revealed name, attributes, preferences in offerings or gifts, mannerisms, uses, and other pertinent information.





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