Caveat Curio and Terms of Service

While the owners of Wolf & Goat utilize their own products in personal practice and hold themselves to high standards of lineage and ethics, legally Wolf & Goat must state that all products and services purchased here are sold as curios or art pieces only, without guarantee of effectiveness; any included instructions are for informational value only.

Our products frequently contain substances in line with Traditional formulas that are hazardous, poisonous or allergy-inducing. As all items are sold as curios or art pieces, personal application and use of any and all items purchased at Wolf & Goat by the client or customer is not the fault or responsibility of Wolf & Goat or its owners. All suggestions and advice are taken at the customer’s own risk.

By purchasing our products you agree that Wolf & Goat is not liable for any personal loss, damage or decline of person or goods as a result of items purchased from us, or advice given by us, the customer accepting sole responsibility for their actions in regards to anything, material or otherwise, purchased or received from our store.

Advice or products from our store are not a substitute for professional medical advice or assistance.

By purchasing from us, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, and have read and agreed to these terms of service. Wolf & Goat reserves the right to refund all orders, and refuse patronage.



All US orders shipped USPS. Tracking information will be sent to you upon shipment of order through our shipping software. Unless otherwise requested, insurance will only be added to purchases including original sculptures or art pieces, or packages containing $100 or more of product.

Express and overnight shipping is available - please contact us for an additional invoice if this is desired.

Regarding International Orders: due to the variance of price in regards to country of destination after the recent change in international shipping rates, please contact us for info on accurate shipping rates based on your location before ordering. Otherwise, we will contact you with options for shipping (at additional cost to customer) upon receipt of your purchase.


back orders and out-of-stock items

Our shopping cart does not keep track of inventory. We do our best to ensure that one-of-a-kind or sold out products are removed from our store or listed as Back Order as soon as possible; should a Back Order item be purchased we will contact you with the option of a full refund, or an estimated wait time until the product will be back in stock (if possible). In the case of the purchase of a previously-sold one-of-a-kind piece, we will contact you with the option of a full refund, or the application of your payment to a commissioned piece similar to the item sold, if at all possible.


refunds and exchanges

Exchanges may be made only before an order is shipped. We can not accept exchange requests given after your order has shipped or been received. Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted except in instances of the receipt of a wrong item. If this happens, please do not open individual item packaging, and contact us immediately.

Caveat: If you file a PayPal Claim as an effort to skip ahead in the cue of order fulfillment, know that we are happy to refund your money and ban you from purchasing again. If

Wolf & Goat is not liable for damage done to any purchases by the post office while in transit. Refunds will not be issued for damaged or lost products in the mail. All tracking and insurance information (where applicable) will be held on record by Wolf & Goat; should you need a duplicate of this information please ask. Should an item be damaged beyond reasonable ability to fix it, responsibility of filing an insurance claim with the postal service rests upon the customer. In the instance of irreparable shipping damage done to personalized pieces, please contact us before surrendering damaged item to the post office to discuss the possibility of rescuing the pertinent parts, if you desire to re-commission the piece broken.


Estimated Wait Times

Please keep in mind that Wolf & Goat is the venture of two individuals, who cover all functions of the store, and creation of its products. We take great pride in our products and in our packaging and presentation. Shipping on in stock items may take up to 6-8 weeks from time of purchase; should this become any greater, we will contact you.

Any customized or commissioned pieces will come with an estimated wait-time upon purchase. We do our best at accuracy here, but these are only estimates. Please contact us before commissioning work to discuss potential wait time, or expedited service.



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