Heavenly messages, diabolic inspiration, and the guidance of souls of those geomantic ancestors now passed – the Diviner does not measure and analyse the assemblages of the lots of fate as they fall alone. They call for guidance and the clarity of divine Light to interpret and counsel most efficaciously. Geomancers may seek such guiding wisdom in the practice of their Art from many sources of transmission, many flames or rays of Illumination. In this three-part course we will explore and celebrate a triumvirate of such tutors.

The Archangel Gabriel - instructor of Adam, the First Geomancer as well as First Father. Archangel of Annunciation, whose very words unto the Queen of Heaven are echoed in the Ave Maria. Who is said to have warned the dreaming Magi of impending peril, and from whose wisdom and counsel these Wise Ones proceeded by a different route.

The Spirit Surgat, Demon of Sunday, compacted in the Shepherds' Guild of Sagatana, the mighty senior devil of Astaroth. Surgat who is known in the Books of the Offices of Spirits as Foras and as Annobaoth, who comes forth from the North. Who teaches necromancy as well as geomancy. Who telleth of treasures, and who keepeth them, and how they may be come by, and who giveth true answers.

The Ancients of the Points of the Earth. The Dead Geomancers who have come before us. Those who hear our prayers and who comfort and strengthen the hand of the projector. To whom we can appeal for blessings, tuition, and guidance in setting our shields, counselling our querents, and studying the mysteries of our worldly Art.

This course will call a convocation of these tutelary spirits of geomancy to explore their natures, operations, and empowerments for the geomancer who seeks their aid. Protocols, materia magica, charms, and conjurations for working with each of these geomantic tutors will be discussed. By heavenly dawning rays, flickering infernal flames, and the floating ghost-lights of our forebears do we illuminate our earthly Work.

The course is taught by
Dr. Alexander Cummins, who by day is a professional diviner and mild-mannered historian of early modern magic (seriously, he has a doctorate in the history of English magic) and by night finds himself conjuring shades, demons and the occasional angel. As you may have guessed by this course, he has a particular passion for geomancy. Drawing on his own professional practice and personal experiments with the system over the last decade, the Good Doctor presents this course as a further exploration of the nuances of this worldly oracle.


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Advanced geomancy course:  an angel,

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Advanced Geomancy Course:
An Angel, A Devil, & the Dead
taught by Dr. Alexander Cummin

Three Part Class
(Three 1.5 hour Sessions)

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