Systems of divination divide the universe and its events between various sets of icons of power and potentiality. The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, the Sixty Four Hexagrams of the I Ching, even the Seventy Eight Cards of the Tarot. The Sixteen Figures of European Renaissance geomancy are no exception. Yet, once conditions are represented by these potent heraldries, so too can these situations be sorcerously managed and even manipulated. That which represents a thing can hold and excite the virtue of the thing represented.

From these fundamentals of image magic develops an approach to the figures and spirits of geomancy. For the sixteen geomantic figures and their sigils hold a somewhat unique place in Western occult philosophy. As Agrippa says of the sixteen figures, 'ascribed both to the elements, and also to the planets and signs, which are called geomantical… under the dominion of their planets and signs, do conceive the virtue and power of images; and these figures are as a middle betwixt images and characters.' They behold their meanings as both pictographic images and glyphed 'characters' imbued with something more essential, more magically fundamental.

This Advanced Geomancy course offers teachings on geomantic spellcraft, beginning with the fundamentals of employing the elementary formations of the sixteen geomantic figures themselves in operative sorcery. Thus we present Sixteen Spells, magical workings with the figures of geomancy.

Here is where we may more fully engage with geomantic magic, and where we come to the very heart of this course, which will take students through a spell-working for each of the sixteen geomantic figures. This will include exploring each of the sixteen figure's different magical materia and methodologies, techniques of consecration, deployment, and options for developing deeper relationships with that figure's spirits and occult virtues.

So we will explore - among others - works of attraction and increase with the Jupiterian figure of generous Acquisitio, operations for summoning new opportunities through the Head of the Dragon, magics of protection through valiant Puer, rites of liminal Conjunctio down at the crossroads, and the slow steady blessings of success from Fortuna Major. These workings combine elemental, planetary and zodiacal powers and processes, and offer foundational guidance for those new to spell-craft, as well as collegiate advice for seasoned sorcerers eager to explore the rich vistas of geomantic magic.

This course comes directly from the experiments and experiences garnered through the professional magical practice of Dr Alexander Cummins, a geomancer, diviner and consultant sorcerer, whose work over the last decade with this oracle and its magic have yielded these Sixteen Spells. This course will have a limited number of places, and will include a one-to-one coaching session with each student; ensuring that this material is transmitted with integrity, as well as affording students time to ask questions in private and personalise the course's spell-craft to some of their own needs and interests.


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Advanced geomancy course:  sixteen spells

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Advanced Geomancy Course:
Sixteen Spells
taught by Dr. Alexander Cummins

Five Part Class + Mentorship
(Three 2 hour Sessions + 1 hour one-on-one sessions via telephone or skype to be arranged with instructor )

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