The Twelve Houses of the Heavens are a means of dividing the sky through which the stars wander in orbit. Specifically, they divide an entire set of conditions into twelve facets by which a situation can be assessed through divination. These Houses are known in the Latin as Vita (Life), Lucrum (Wealth), Fratres (Brothers), Genitor (Parent), Nati (Children), Valetudo (Health), Uxor (Spouse), Mors (Death), Iter (Journeys), Regnum (Kingdom), Benefacta (Friendship), and Carcer (Restrictions). Despite working by sortilege or other non-astronomical means, whether casting shield charts or house charts, knowledge of the Twelve Houses is essential in geomantic divination for navigating the facets of the querent's circumstances and, crucially, the available options for remediation or ensuring success.

Whether casting shield charts or house charts, knowledge of the Twelve Houses of the Heavens is essential in geomantic divination for navigating the facets of the querent's situation and, crucially, the available options for remediation or ensuring success.

Astrologers and geomancers alike - of various schools and specific trainings - continue to debate exact delineations. Are pets that are treated as family better found in the Fifth than the Sixth? And exactly what is the size differentiation or cut-off point between pets and/or small service animals from the large animals found in the Twelfth? (Medieval lore says the size of goat distinguishes them, but surely this raises the further question: well, how big of a goat?) In matters of witchcraft and nigromancy, when should the Twelfth be consulted and/or when should we look to the Eighth? Beyond these different emphases or details about exactly which house should be consulted for a particular matter, there is plenty to be said about the specific geomantic placements of Figures in each of the Houses.

This is exactly the sort of information that this webinar course delivers. Not simply what each House rules or concerns, but exactly what questions are best resolved in each, and precisely how the Sixteen Figures of this oracle speak in their various places. This will include detailed reading and analysis of the core texts of early modern European geomancy - the works of Christopher Cattan, John Heydon, the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy and even the summaries listed in John Case's Angelic Guide - as well as a few particular interpretative "tricks" and techniques from these sources.

In the three webinar sessions of this course, students will be taken through each of the Twelve Houses: they will be given examples of specifically geomantic approaches to elemental affinities, contraries, and conflicts; they will gain perspective on how to delve deeper into interrelations of the chart outlined by techniques such as the Via Puncti; and even presented with guidelines for magically working with particular Quesited placements to secure the blessings of a favorable reading and/or avoid the problems warned of by an unfavorable chart.

The course is taught by Dr. Alexander Cummins, who by day is a professional diviner and mild-mannered historian of early modern magic (seriously, he has a doctorate in the history of English magic) and by night finds himself conjuring shades, demons and the occasional angel. As you may have guessed by this course, he has a particular passion for geomancy. Drawing on his own professional practice and personal experiments with the system over the last decade, the Good Doctor presents this course as a further exploration of the nuances of this worldly oracle: going over not simply the meanings of the various Houses and the placements of figures within, but also addressing fundamental matters of phrasing questions that will benefit diviners and professional workers of all stripes, offering as always the practical as well as philosophical dimensions of geomancy and being a diviner. The course will include access to scans of primary source texts of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century geomancy, along with reading notes and further bibliography. All of these resources are of course additional support, as the Good Doctor will cover everything necessary to understand the fundamentals of the Twelve Houses as used geomantically in the course itself.


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Advanced geomancy course:  the houses

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Advanced Geomancy Course:
The Twelve Houses of the Earth
taught by Dr. Alexander Cummins

Three Part Class
(Three 2 hour Tuesday Sessions)

Tuesday, Aug 13th, 2019 (Mothers)
Tuesday, Aug 20th, 2019 (Daughters)
Tuesday, Aug 27th, 2019 (Nieces)

Time: 9:00 to 11:00 pm, EDT

Cost: 150- payment due at time of registration
Platform: Webex Limit: 21 students

The information will build upon the previous session, so commitment to all the dates or viewing the recordings of each session is important.

Recordings of the classes will be made available to those participating.

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• You must have taken the Geomancy Foundation Course and have approval of the instructor to take this course.



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