Advanced geomancy course:  here be

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Advanced Geomancy Course:
Here Be Dragons
taught by Dr. Alexander Cummins

Three Part Class
(Three 1.5 hour Sessions)

This class is not currently being offered live. If you'd like to purchase the recordings of the most recent class, please feel free to purchase them below and after singing and returning the agreement, you will receive all the links and can communicate directly with the instructor should you have quesitons.

Cost: $150

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• You must have taken the Geomancy Foundation Course and have approval of the instructor to take this course.



Fertile blessings and fiery destruction, two of the Sixteen Figures often elude the western geomancer... Approaching most of the Sixteen of the geomantic oracle through the lens of their planetary Ruling Spirits gives us a firm foundation for understanding their virtues, sympathies and antipathies. Yet how might we address those figures less often straightforwardly attributed a planet and sign? We refer, of course, to the Head and Tail of the Dragon: those figures of the Lunar Nodes, charting fundamental shifting relations between Sun, Moon, and Earth.

In this three-part webinar series, we will examine the divinatory meanings of the serpentine Figures of Cauda and Caput Draconis through the Twelve Houses and the Two Witnesses of the shield. Caput Draconis is known for its new beginnings and its blossoming blessings available to those who choose to walk through its open doorways. In this class we will also explore and grow our appreciation of its gentleness, its tranquility, and its tidings of health, prosperity, and amicable familial accord. Conversely Cauda Draconis is infamous for its often violent endings and terrible misfortunes. Through the three sessions of this course, we will investigate its specific affinities for troubles, scandals, dangers, and fires.

Crucially this Advanced Geomancy module will arm students with some methodologies and means to avoid and even ameliorate the destructions of this thrashing Tail. Similarly we will survey various techniques to hearken to the wisdoms and better receive and enact the benedictions straight from the Dragon's mouth.

The course is taught by Dr. Alexander Cummins, who by day is a professional diviner and mild-mannered historian of early modern magic (seriously, he has a doctorate in the history of English magic) and by night finds himself conjuring shades, demons and the occasional angel. As you may have guessed by this course, he has a particular passion for geomancy. Drawing on his own professional practice and personal experiments with the system over the last decade, the Good Doctor presents this course as a further exploration of the nuances of this worldly oracle.


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