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All medical endeavour towards health, can be considered an exorcism of sorts. Healing in geomantic divination and magic is often framed as a removal of disease, of a return to balanced functionality through excising, shedding, evacuating, or otherwise removing a maladaptive or downright pathological influence.

That influence might be environmental, chronic, and/or the result of human malice, neglect, or ignorance (whether our own or that of others) as well as the work of literal spirits. Most often in pre-modern magical healing, dysfunction was framed as a concatenation of such material and spiritual factors. Hauntings erode a persons mental and even physical health, and those made vulnerable by disease can certainly fall prey to opportunistic attaching spirits.

There are many ways to effectuate the voidings that can help establish health and well-being, and this course will focus on those means of eliminating excesses. We will consider the various tools, resources, and techniques for "cleaning off" such crossed conditions, spiritual detritus, and harmful blockages: from baths and washes: to dietary considerations: to the use of amulets and pentacles to banish harmful virtues and spirits; to using sympathetic materials to pull disruptive or sickening influences and agents from the afflicted patient. This course will also offer training in the focused applications of fundamental heating, cooling, drying, and wetting actions of humoural therapeutic remediation to re-balance bodily, mental, and spiritual health.

The course is taught by Dr. Alexander Cummins, who by day is a professional diviner and mild-mannered historian of early modern magic (seriously, he has a doctorate in the history of English magic) and by night finds himself conjuring shades, demons and the occasional angel. As you may have guessed by this course, he has a particular passion for geomancy. Drawing on his own professional practice and personal experiments with the system over the last decade, the Good Doctor presents this course as a further exploration of the nuances of this worldly oracle.

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Advanced geomancy course:  Evil begone!

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Advanced Geomancy Course:
Evil Begone!
taught by Dr. Alexander Cummin

Three Part Class
(Three 1.5 hour Sessions)

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