In general, a consulta is a session of Quimbanda opened for the purpose of asking questions and seeking advice. These can be performed for general questions, and quite often, for the preliminary investigation of one’s patron Exu and Pomba Gira. This is how they usually work:

Generally, with very rare exceptions, men have two Exus (one personal, and one working), and one Pomba Gira. Women, the opposite. The personals are tied to our very nature as humans, and are a direct link to the citizens of the Kalunga. The way consultas work is that the consult is typically conducted on Mondays for men, Fridays for women, ideally. I will bring a photo with your name, birthdate etc. on it to the feet of Tatá Caveira and he opens the way in the name of your dead. If you wish to share any names of your dead that I may honor, please feel free to do so. The consult will then proceed upon the advice of my patron Exus and Pomba Giras. Cachaça, charuto, dendé, fundanga, marafo, pitú, tostão, are all offered to the Tronco.

Several Exus and Pomba Giras usually come forth to give advice to me on your behalf (and occasionally for other people). This can take the form of mild or full possession, but all answers are confirmed by buzios (shells). At some point your patron Exu or Pomba Gira will come forth, as will your working. Kingdoms of affinity will be discovered, and any specific advices within my capacity to prescribe. It does not bind you to me as Tatá, but we are free to discuss it and future steps in more detail if you desire. If this is something you are wanting to proceed with, I charge $121 to cover cost of materials listed and any cleansings with menga the Tata Nkulu might need after the reading. 

I will provide you with Pontos Riscados and Pontos Cantados and specific offering ideas to your patrons. If you have any further questions or concerns, please ask or bring them up. If you work with the Saints at all, you can also align this consulta with candles and water on the points of Saint Michael, Saint Anthony, and Saint Cyprian.

If you decide to move forward, in addition to the fee, I would need:

-Birth Name

-Current Name (if different)

-Parent’s full names

-Birth Time, Date, Location

-Current clear facial photo (should be current, and ideally taken just for this consulta)

- Photograph of your signature (once your intent is firm for this endeavor)

The presence and blessing of the dead is a great stabilizing force, and brings great clarity to the reading. Any blood dead you care to have named on your behalf are always welcome and indeed preferred to have.

Also, if there are any forces in nature you wish honored, Quimbanda has ways of honoring foduces (lwa), inquices (bakisi), and orixá from Candomblé's different nations. If you wish, please share patron spirits from other paths, if drawn to do so. Oaths and initations in other systems should be honored and named.

Results will be emailed to you in .pdf format via a DropBox link. Please allow up to three weeks for the consulta to be peformed, and up to five business days following for the consulta to be typed up in full. We can discuss via email the timeframe of the consulta and report for you individually.

To let me know how best to proceed on your behalf, email for further discussion and to send the required information.


TatA Apokan Mavambo Ngobodi Nzila




Price $121.00  Consulta de Quimbanda for


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