Beloved Godmother, Bony Lady, Skinny
Price $300.00 15"-16" Santisima Muerte Statue

Santisima Muerte, the Holy Death, has grown tremendously in populatrity in the past decade. The Mexican inheritance of Spanish Roman Catholicism and indigenous belief and respect for death, the Bony Lady is approachable by everyone, for she has seen all, just as she levels all.

Patron of the home and family, Giver of the Good Death and Angel of God, la Santisima Muerte is first and foremost a Saint- a Holy Being- an emissary of God that will usher us to the next world. She is Godmother to all, a source of inspiration and an embodiment of Momento Mori.

Traditionally worked with in her three principal Robes of white, red, and black, each color is petitioned for different reasons. A word for the seeker- as we work Her, she in turn works upon us, for we wear the Robe we work.

This statue depicts la Muerte in her White Robe, the most stable and universal of the three Robes. If one were to have only statue or are just beginning to work Her, it should be this Robe, La Blanca. .Petitioned for health, peace, and stability, she is the eldest of the three Robes, the guardian of destiny, and is considered the closest to God. This design, unique to Wolf and Goat, while embodying the White, does echo all three traditional colors:

• six white roses at her crown reflect the White Robe
• the heart, inspired by Aztec/Mexica design, reflects the Red Robe
• the stylized liver dangling from her rib cage reflects the Black Robe

This page is for a commissioned statue of the Saint whose appearance will closely match the design shown above. Standing 15"-16" tall, she will come with a removeable scythe. Her base will be loaded with a traditional carga by a Santa Muertero and information on how to install her idol and start working with her will be provided on a cloth scroll.

If you are interested in other Robes, or wish to discuss changes in design or size, please contact us.

If you are interested in oils for working with the Saint, consider our Santisima Muerte Oils.


Images shown are of a previously commissioned statue of Santisima Muerte.
Your commissioned one-of-a-kind statue will be similar in appearance,
with unique differences in sculpt and color.

*Purchase guarantees your place in our scultping queue; we will contact you with an expected timeline for the completion of the statue. If a rush order is needed, please contact us. *


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