The weld of sorrow’s many branches and weeping faces, turned from the dawn to look rather at their own reflection in tears - a thousand gasps at the end of each pain, awaiting an inevitable successor, a poisoned chalice given by mercy and taken as solace, the clutching gasp of eyes run dead with the abandonment of hope - THE OIL WOE is a gift and tool for those who would work this point of human feeling, and plumb the depths of suffering… for help or hindrance.

A quiet yet distinctly vocal oil, WOE has sat nearly untouched for over two years - and will not be offered again, once its ten emissions are won and gone. Its audience will be limited - yet its audience is the world.

The Oil Woe is useful both for the malevolent - those who would seek to inflict anguish on another, as well as for those healers that would remove the dross of sorrow from themselves or others, to let it return instead to the feet of its master in the bottle.

The included scroll contains instructions for practical use in a variety of such endeavors, as well as guides to leaving the oil unopened and keeping it as a point of contact and vessel for its spirit.

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll. This oil is a *limited edition* – there will only be ten sold before it is retired.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of The Oil Woe.

Addendum 2 March 2016: This oil was first offered to our Forum members and has completely sold out before general public release. The Wolf & Goat Forum on Facebook is a free group for the discussion of Wolf & Goat products, our methodology, announcements and special offers. If you are interested in the Wolf & Goat Forum, come join and participate!



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