Arising out of the sea

The little saint stands waiting for all Pilgrims and Devout in the crypt of the Church of the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Southern France. Sarah herself was the Egyptian handmaiden to Mary Jacobe, who with Mary Salome and Mary Magdalene are known as the Three Marys. Her stories are intimately entwined with these women, and along with Lazarus, Martha and Maximin, the Three Marys and Sarah landed in Gaul in the year 42, at the place now called Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. She was a “charitable woman that helped people by collecting alms” according to Phillipon’s 1521 ‘The Legend of the Saintes-Maries’; this led to her being named the patroness of the Roma, commonly called the Gypsies.

Every May, Roma from all over Europe come to pay homage to their patron Saint, parading her image down to the sea and letting her bath in the foam. She is a controversial Saint, called by some, a Black Madonna, or the child of the same, said to be by others the daughter of the Magdalen and Jesus, none other than the ‘Sang real’, the Royal Blood itself, the Chalice incarnate. Beyond her modern resurgence, this beloved little Saint is worked heavily in the Spiritist cults of the New World–various forms of Espiritismo, Umbanda, Catimbo and Quimbanda, where the Roma diaspora has influenced the spiritual traditions of the Americas. The divergence between those private family devotions of the Roma with culturally mandated codes of ritual purity and the continued reverence for the Saint and the Dead of the Roma as prominent spirit guides within New World traditions should be noted.

This oil comes from recipes given in Spain and Southern France, and compounded through devotion and education at the feet of those mae-de-santos and quimbandeiros and espiritistas that work with the Saint and have shared their knowledge, rituals both complex and simple, and whose heart burns in pure love for Sara e Kali. Made on her feast days of May 24th and May 25th, this oil is a a powerful aide to those working with the saint, her people, or wishing to gain those talents the Roma are known for, especially divination, music and stealth.

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of the Oil of Sara é Kali. If you are interested in greater amounts, please contact us.



Price $37.00  Half ounce bottle


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