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La Señora Negra, the Black Robe of Santisima Muerte, is the Holy Force of decay, the breath of life, and tied the sorcerous powers found in these centers of energy. She is the repository of dark magic and protection from it, and the gateway to many spirits that may be worked under this Robe's patronage, and her favor is sought to protect family and home from the evil eye and more malignant intentions of others, intentional and unintentional. In her, the secrets of the coffin and the owl converge, her mantle of protection a shield to those who wish you harm...

ur Santisima Muerte Oil for La Negra contains, in part, the following:

Spider • Cat • Monkey • Armadillo • Serpent • Rattlesnake • Turkey beard • Moth • Turtle • Shark • Stingray • Bat • Wasp nest • Musk • Datura • Hibiscus • Black copal • Myrrh • Tobacco • Marigold • Sinicuiche • Yauhtli • Oliloqui • Nettles • Black sage • Mandragora • Galbanum • Patchouli •
Crown of thorns • Blackthorn spike • Prunus thorn • Coffee • Stink lily • Squash blossom • Poppy • Night blooming cereus • Cacao • Angel trumpet • Wormwood • Cypress • Mexican wormwood • Tuberose • Rose attar • Rose petals • Ylang ylang • Dirt from Jerusalem • Obsidian • Flint •

amongst many other ingredients...

Born on Dia de los Muertos at the hands of a Santa Muertero and lifetime devotee, with ingredients added for the next nine days to color each Robe while a Novena is said to the Saint, all three oils were built upon a base oil which is comprised, in part, of:

A Catholic Chaplet of the Dead, blessed and prayed •
A blessed Rosary upon which a Chaplet for la Santisima Muerte was said •
Copal • Aloe • Maguey • Tequila • Coffee• Blessed Palm • Blessed Ash •
White Rose Petals • Marigolds • Rue • Rosemary • Yauhtli • White Carnation •
Jade • Quartz • Coins • Dirt from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

amongst several other ingredients...

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of Santisima Muerte Oil: La Negra. If you are interested in greater amounts, please contact us.

A menagerie of Nature Spirits, Familiar Daemons, Spirits of the Grave, Goetic Demons, and much more, we offer the following statues, allies, and tools~

All three colors are also


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