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La Niña Blanca, the White Robe of Santisima Muerte, is the Holy Force of destiny, rooted in our Bones and those of our Ancestors. She is the most stable and approachable of the traditional Robes of La Flaca, a beautifully expansive energy who reminds us that the best way to use our short, limited lives is the embracing of our mortality through words and actions measured by the legacy we wish to leave. She is a reminder of our highest potential, an Angel that reminds us of where we've come from and where we've yet to go; a source of strength and comfort for the weary and dying; a source of inspiration and peace for those who might embrace Death to appreciate the fullness of this gift of Life~

ur Santisima Muerte Oil for La Blanca contains, in part, the following:

Copal • Honeysuckle • Jasmine • Plumeria • Rosemary • Rue • Yauhtli • Ceiba • Chamomile • Frankincense • Wormwood • Mexican wormwood • Mistletoe • Spearmint • Cacao • Hyssop • Cypress • Salvia divinorum • Olive leaves from a cemetery on the Mount of Olives in Jersusalem • Quartz • White musk • Rose attar • Neroli • Tuberose • Chrism

amongst many other ingredients...

Born on Dia de los Muertos at the hands of a Santa Muertero and lifetime devotee, with ingredients added for the next nine days to color each Robe while a Novena is said to the Saint, all three oils were built upon a base oil which is comprised, in part, of:

A Catholic Chaplet of the Dead, blessed and prayed •
A blessed Rosary upon which a Chaplet for la Santisima Muerte was said •
Copal • Aloe • Maguey • Tequila • Coffee• Blessed Palm • Blessed Ash •
White Rose Petals • Marigolds • Rue • Rosemary • Yauhtli • White Carnation •
Jade • Quartz • Coins • Dirt from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

amongst several other ingredients...

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of Santisima Muerte Oil: La Blanca. If you are interested in greater amounts, please contact us.

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A devotion and offering to

All three colors are also


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