Stepping on the Devil of

Soldier and martyr, Saint Expedite, also called Expeditus and Elpidus, was in his life a Roman centurion martyred in Armenia for his conversion to Christianity. Folk legends relate that when he wished to convert to Christianity, the Devil took the form of a crow and tempted him to convert 'Tomorrow' (for the crow's caw, spelled cras in Latin, also means 'Tomorrow'), but instead, the vigilant Saint Expedite crushed the crow underfoot, calling out "Hodie!", or "Today!". This same word is displayed prominently on the cross he carries in his right hand in his images and representations, together displayed with the palm branches of martyrdom and the crushed crow underfoot. Rumors concerning his sainthood and popular origin myths attributed to his name are many, as are his appropriations and syncretizations in New World Diasporic faiths, especially Afro-Caribbean, where he is often associated with cemetery and graveyard spirits.

A thousand hymns to glorious Expeditus,
Who shed his blood in Armenia,
Whose name was written in heaven,
And gained the laurel of martyrdom.

Hymn to Saint Expeditus

The oil was made on his Feast Day of April 19th, and a novena offered for the successful completion of the sacramental. The oil is comprised, in part, of:

Red Rosary, blessed and prayed on his Feast Day ✠ Blessed Palm ✠ Cinnamon ✠ Heather ✠ Parsley ✠ Mulberry ✠ Licorice ✠ Damiana ✠ Fennel ✠ Clary Sage ✠ Cinquefoil ✠ Folha de fogo ✠ Dates ✠ Honey ✠ Frankincense ✠ Red Roses from his shrine ✠ Rose Attar ✠ Pound Cake left in offering to the Saint ✠ Appropriate bird feathers

among dozens of other ingredients...

Oils made for this Saint can be used to bring speed to a working, stir motivation and keep focus, cause a situation to move, protect travelers and shipments, and keep on the good side of the law. He is a hard working and generous Saint, and he expects little in return- a simple public thank you, or a pound cake, or a bouquet of flowers, most importantly- your prayers and sincerity of heart. Those with particular devotion to the Saint may choose to use it to annoint objects on his shrine or to annoint candles in his honor, the Rootworker may use it in the dressing of name and petition papers, and likewise the oil lends itself to left hand and syncretic expressions as well.

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of Hodie: Oil of Saint Expedite. If you are interested in greater amounts, please contact us.



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