Granting health to the eyes

Blessed Lucy,
Virgin and Martyr,
Bringer of the Light of God
Witness of the Hope of Man
Grant my eyes see the Light
Let them see the Truth of God
in body, mind, and soul~

Saint Lucy, Child of God, through the Light of Faith, grant me vision to see:
Good for what it is • Through the deceptions of the Devil •
God in every person • the Glory of God, world without end.


Saint Lucy of Syracuse is a popularly venerated saint, one of seven women in addition to the Virgin Mary who are mentioned in the canon proper of the Mass. Commonly depicted with her own eyes on a plate, in popular veneration in Latin America she is often additionally given the Crown of Thorns in honor of her martyrdom, and dressed as a young bride in honor of her virginity. One of the most beloved saints of the Church, she is associated with the Light of the Winter Solstice, where the Light of Faith is restored in the Darkest of Nights. Here she is Lucifera, the Herald of Light. Both Right-Handed and Left-Handed veneration is common with this beloved Saint.

Born to wealthy parents in the late 3rd century, the young Lucy promised her virginity to God. Through the intercession of Saint Agatha, Lucy's mother was cured of a bleeding disorder; Agatha revealed to Lucy her own role to play for the glory of God.

When Lucy convinced her mother to start distributing the riches that should have gone to her dowry, her husband-to-be was furious, and he reported her to the Governor. Demanding she offer sacrifice to the image of the Governor himself, Lucy refused. He ordered her to be raped in a brothel as punishment, yet when the guards came to move her, she could not be swayed, even when teams of oxen were hitched to her. Wood and stickes were heaped upon her and set alight with oil, yes she did not burn. Finally, drawing their swords, Lucy met her end by their hands. Her dies natalis (day of birth into Heaven) is celebrated on December 13th.

Her eyes were said to be gouged out as punishment for her betrayal of her suitor, others say she performed the act herself to be less desireable. Others say they were gouged out as part of her torture at the hands of the Governor of Syracuse. Before her death, she is said to have made a series of prophecies predicting the downfall of prominent men in power. When her body was prepared for burial, her eyes had been miraculously restored.

Because of her tremendous faith, Lucy intercedes on our behalf, offering her Divine Sight to those who venerate her. Just as her eyes were restored, the Eyes of Saint Lucy is an oil that tradition holds will restore the physical health of the eyes, and grant the Sight when used with faith and devotion.


The oil can only be made on her Feast and a novena must be offered for the successful completion of the sacramental. It must always have a base of rue and fennel, and be made from quality olive oil. Additional oils and plants are added during the novena period after her Feast Day. Two eyes, either in effigy or from an animal, should be present as well.

The oil may be used for the physical health of the eyes, to grant second sight through annointing the eyelids and temples, for prophetic dreams, and to inspire strength when you have witnessed great tragedy. Those with particular devotion to Saint Lucy may choose to use it in diluted form to wash objects on her shrine or to annoint candles in her honor.

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of the Eyes of Saint Lucy. If you are interested in greater amounts, please contact us.



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