Holding the essence of the

...there upreared
His regal head, and frighted from his track
With sibilant terror all the subject swam,
Baneful ere darts his poison, Basilisk
In sands deserted king.
-Lucan, Pharsalia, First Century AD

The origin of the Basilisk is perhaps best found in the King Cobra, who matches with the traditional description of the Basilisk - a serpent who holds its body upright, with white markings upon its head like a diadem and possessed of a virulent poison, with its only known enemy being the weasel (the mongoose in the case of the cobra). The Basilisk made its way through medieval bestiaries, twisting and turning through heraldry in the form of the Cockatrice, and securing a reputable place in alchemy, especially when reduced to ash:

" And though the cockatrice be venomous without remedy, while he is alive, yet he loseth all the malice when he is burnt to ashes. His ashes be accounted good and profitable in working of Alchemy, and namely in turning and changing of metals.” -Bartholomaeus Anglicus, 1240.

The oil is comprised, in part, of:

snakeskin • snakeshed •
dried snake flesh and blood • snake rib • snake vertebra • Oil of the Dove of Anabibazon • three feathers from the head of a rooster • unborn snake egg • snake egg shell • red coral • flesh from the rump of a toad

Adder’s Mouth
BasilMandrakeCypress oilBrugmansiaRosemaryEuphorbiaEyebrightAsafoetidaAtropa belladonnaGum Mastic

GoldMirrorDirt from a church when there was no Pope

amongst many other ingredients...

In addition, several drops of a mixture of potent poisons, to draw upon the poisoning powers of the Basilisk's eyes and breath. As such, it should be handled carfully; it should not be used on the bare skin, ingested or inhaled strongly.

The oil may be used to render a place poisonous or to wither it, and conversely to protect a place. Note that the protection extends only to the location chosen itself, and not to its inhabitants or a singular person. In all instances, it extends an aura of threat- yielding a place, person, or thing to be perceived as more dangerous than it necessarily is, a glamor of deception most potent. For those who are so inclined, it may be used in certain aggressive magics.

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of Basilisk Oil. If you are interested in greater amounts, please contact us.



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