So great was the allure of the young Justina, a Christian of Antioch, that she caught the attention of a young Aglaides, a pagan who hired the renowned Sorcerer Cyprian to steal her heart. Having sent his retinue of spirits to pursue the girl, they were repelled by her use of the Sign of the Cross and calling upon the Virgin Mary. Desiring her for his own, he sent the Devil himself to pursue her, but to no avail. When Cyprian threatened to leave the service of those infernal Legions, they turned on him, and using the same Sign of the Cross wielded by Justina, Cyprian subdued those devils he had formerly enlisted and served. Converting to Christianity, Cyprian became Bishop in time, and Justina in turn was responsible for many conversions. The two are celebrated together on September 26, the anniversary of their beheading at Nicomedia by the Diocletian.

While Cyprian retained his notoriety as a powerful Christian Magician in popular devotion, Justina gained a reputation for healing from curses and averting the Evil Eye; for protecting chastity and returning curses to their senders. Her cult at Padua saw her revered as co-Patron of the City, a model of medieval virtue; depicted with the Unicorn, she was said to grant spiritual antidotes to all poisons, and bestowed grace in hard times. This oil is a child of two traditions, a Syrian Christian recipe dedicated to the Saint, and that of a Turkish remedy against the Evil Eye where her name is heavily invoked. Together, the blue mantle of Virginity and Chastity grant victory and triumph over that which pursues the devout; and in this grace we may be brought closer to our unburdened selves through the virtue of the Good Saint.

The first of three oils made under the Saint, Antakya is used to avert and cure the evil eye; to return curses to their sender; to transmute lust to love; to help find purpose in one's life; to increase devotion to one's goals or creed; and for devotional use to the Saint...

The oil may be used well in tandem with our popular Oil of Saint Cyprian.

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

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