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Capturing a dark and watery

Magnanimous, Unconquer’d, Boistrous Mars, is a bloodthirsty planet - reveling in the clamor of battle - and when well dignified, a staunch defender and patrolling guard. The aculeus is the stinger of the Scorpion, here turned to defense and protection.

In keeping with the traditional telesmata of medieval and renaissance grimoiric magic, astrological oils are best made during the election the magician seeks to capture, utilizing the astrologer's arte to build upon sympathy by correspondence, not relying solely upon the latter. Herein lie the potential of such oils- right ingredient and right timing.

Working with traditional astrologer Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold of Sacred Alchemy, an election of •12:15pm on September 9th in the Bronx, New York• for harnessing Mars as as protector of the house and home was selected and preparations begun.

This is a Mars “dark and watery, an aspect good for protection and for the manufacturing of venoms" in the words of Frisvold. Mars is Rising in Scorpio, dignified by rulership. Mars Day, Saturn Hour, with Saturn in Scorpio (ruled by Mars). Mars is the almuten of the chart. The Moon is in Pisces, dignified by triplicity and approaching Mars in a trine. She is in the fourth house, Genitor, the House of Home and Family.

This is a natural domain for the Moon, and Sahl ibn Bishr al-Israili cites the Moon in the Fourth House aspecting the ruler of the Ascendant, that it "brings protection of the home”, but in particular, that the nature of the sign of the Moon and the aspected Planet and his or her sign. In this election, the Moon is applying to a trine with Mars, of which William Ramsey says “Disposes of all things of war”- in general an aspect of friendship and honor.

It is a good election for protecting the home and for turning foes to friends, making troublemakers seeking our door to pass us by…

Wolf & Goat prepared a selection of Martial ingredients, chosen both for known harmony in correspondence and through divination for confirmation. Gathering our ingredients in the hour and on the day of Mars in preparation, our oil is comprised, in part, of the following traditional Martial plant, animal, and mineral ingredients:

asafoetida • black pepper • blackthorn • madder • euphorbia milli • mustard Seeds • ginger • garlic • nettle • tobacco • cherry blossoms • chilis • thistle

scorpion, both whole and powdered • rattlesnake head and heart • wasp • goat • horse • baboon

sulfur • iron filings • powdered iron ochre • lodestone

among several other ingredients...

With planetary lamps and fumigations burning, the materials were interred within the Mother Bottle during the election proper, with paeans of praise to Mars as Divine Protector. Five lodestones - Martial in correspondence by substance and mineral - were chosen to act as baetyli and all went into the Mother Bottle with additional prayers and appeals to Mars, and the bottle sealed and further fumigated with frankincense, traditionally offered to gain the favor of Mars.

While Aculeus is a star proper in the constellation of Scorpius, this oil is not a distillation of that star, but named as an echo of that same impulse - the heel of Achilles, the sting and burning venom of the Scorpion. Protect what is vulnerable and peace shall be won.

The Mother Bottle is opened and poured off only during the day and hour of Mars, being sealed with beeswax at all other times.

All vegetal, mineral and animal ingredients are legally obtained. Instructions and information will be provided on a cloth scroll.

Price is for one half ounce bottle of Mars' Aculeus. If you are interested in greater amounts, please contact us.


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