A Master and a General,

‘Those green-robed senators of mighty woods,
Tall oaks, branch-charmed by the earnest stars,
Dream, and so dream all night without a stir...’
– John Keats, Hyperion, Book I

Focused entirely around that mighty tree that lends him its name in his title, the Oak King Goblin is a wizard of great power in the Greenwood... and the towns... and the streets... and anywhere this Majesty of sap and wood and leaf sets its roots. The seat of his spirit sealed within his body incorporates various parts of various types of oak tree, amongst several other secrets all brought to life through Wolf & Goat’s Goblin Oil and ritual work.

His clothing includes parts hand-dyed in Oak gall and madder root, along with sheep skin, leather, beadwork, knotted hemp, and a necklace centered around an oak gall.

In regards to personality - he is gracious and welcoming, loyal, strict and wise. He is an excellent ‘starter goblin’ and can be the basis of all work done with his king, as he acts as a deal-broker and boss for all goblin work. He can bring many others to those he works with, or act entirely as a solo go-between. While he is capable of doing work himself - of any type that he agrees to - he will primarily contract others to do jobs that are put to him.

A kindly spirit, and not demanding - yet he is powerful and efficacious in what he is tasked with.

The Oak King Goblin sits ten inches tall at the crown of his skull. He will come with a 45 minute Skype session or phone call with his sculptor, the Wolf of Wolf & Goat, to discuss his care, needs, and methods of working, along with two follow up emails, in lieu of a scroll.

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