Creeping plague and pointed cure,

Nature spirits in essence, goblins and their ilk belong to a multiflorous spirit-branch of many possibilities, mediated at birth by potential and ingredient, bone and bark - children of effluvia and chance played and splayed upon the land. Those intelligent many among their breed are potent harbingers of change and growth, allies capable of work and wisdom, friends and familiars of woe or joy.

A spirit-type much beloved by Wolf & Goat, we strive to find those individuals amongst their lot that are of the greatest possible use to the spirit-eared and spirit-handed, be it for edification, employment or enchantment. Such are found, fed and friended, and from such interior charges are devised of sympathetic goods, and body is aligned with soul, to rest within aesthetically accurate idols.

This figure is the seat of a goblin-like spirit that has expressed the desire to be brought to form, given roost, and made available to workers and witches who might benefit from his teachings and potencies.

The spirit within this fetish is an odd beast of pox and cure, aligning himself with drinkers of blood and carriers of contagion. Of an ambivalent nature himself, he is just as good at works of healing and expulsion as he is at works of attack and vampirism with his allies among those creatures that bite and sting and suck. The leech is his friend - both animal, and doctor of old.

In addition to this, he has skills in works of invisibility, particularly using the power of the sun and the masking of those that walk at night through the power of the day, as well as knowledge of herbal healing and works of fetid water.

Included with this goblin will be a cloth scroll detailing his information and person in more depth, including his name, those ingredients which comprise the charge that sits within him, suggestions on housing, offerings and starting points for workings, etc.

This fetish sits at nearly eight inches tall. His clothing is formed of leather, painted cloth, and monkey fur. All ingredients and material has been legally obtained.



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SOLD Mosquito Goblin Fetish  including general