A mass of bones, leather,

The Hobhus is a large hanging charm that is designed as a place for goblin spirits and their ilk to live in and feed at, keeping them from causing mayhem or distraction in a given place - or as a way to attract numerous goblins for those wishing to work with them in great numbers.

Its main body is formed of hand-stitched leather, stuffed with spirit-holding kapok and various herbal charges that control, contain or attract goblins, plus a variety of those substance upon which they feed. The outside is a messy net of twine and sinew, rat vertebrae and beads that hold three hagstones around the perimeter of the Hus. Its top juts with bones and moss and feathers and bells and bottles and pouches of berries and food, and its bottom holds a cluster of Bat-Nut Pods, the entire Hobhus speaking easily of and to Goblins.

This Hobhus comes with one Goblin already living inside of it - who has agreed to stay for the purpose of corralling other goblins and making sure they know they have a place to go within this charm.

Approximately nine and a half inches long, the Hobhus comes with a leather cord attached to its top for the purpose of hanging, a half-ounce bottle of Goblin Oil, and a cloth scroll with detailed instructions on the care and use of the Hobhus, as well as the name and personal details of the main Goblin living inside of it.

It should be noted that if the Hobhus is hung outdoors it should be in a sheltered area, as weather and the elements will deteriorate it over time; it is perfectly safe to hang in the house, where it should preferably be kept in a corner, cellar or even bathroom - any out of the way place where it is still easy to give food and offerings to the Goblins at the foot of the Hobhus.

Depending on how it is treated and used, the Hobhus holds great potential for building a battalion of household spirits that are exceedingly useful once treated with the proper respect.

This is a key to their hordes.




Price $130.00  Hobhus  including Bottle


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