Fiercely protective of its mandated

Redcaps, also known as powries or dunters are a particularly aggressive and bloodthirsty subset of goblins. They are excellent protective spirits, and can be quite obsessive with their duties, tracking and hunting those who cross them. Though its shoes are traditionally of iron, the redcap remains impossible to outrun.

Generally found in the borderlands between England and Scotland, the Recap residing in this doll has agreed to stay with it in exchange for barley and occasional drops of human blood - which will be the prices to pay for any who wish to purchase and use him.

Primarily useful in the area of protection for a specific location, there is also legendary precedence for the Redcap as a familiar spirit. As his nature is violent and bloodthirsty and he is highly grim and serious in his demeanor, only certain people will be suited to him in this way.

For those of a particular bent, the redcap can be obliged to hunt and attack people outside of its normal duties of building protection. Suggestions in this regard, as well as in general care and use of him, will be included.

Completely hand-sculpted and dressed in hand-stiched clothing of leathers and furs, the Redcap stands eighteen inches tall. (Note: He does not stand on its own. Keep in sitting position, or find him a suitable doll stand if you wish him to be kept upright). Posable at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles.

His chest contains a charge wrapped in red leather baked inside of him, making up his esoteric nature, comprised in part of:

Rat tail • Cat hair • Fur from the jaw of a wolf • Fish head • Wasps • Human bone powder • skin from a venemos snake

Nettles • Mugwort • Bloodroot • Poppy heads • Blackthorn • Adder's Mouth • Elder berries

Iron filings • Lodestone • Castle Brick dust • Dirt from a Castle • Dirt from Tel Megiddo (due to the Redcap's proclivity towards battlegrounds)

amongst many other ingredients...

In addition, his eyes are solid carnelian.

This was activated with drops of human blood, and our Goblin Ensouling Oil, and the approval and descent of the spirit.

This Redcap goblin will come with his name, details and instructions for use on a cloth scroll, along with a bottle of Goblin Oil.




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