A seelie fetish for working

Through sticks, stones, bones and oil, babogs are fetish bundles that house a denizen of the Otherworld. Ideal for the practioner who wishes to work with these spirits consistently, these fetishes consist of a hand-sculpted head which sits atop an exposed charge bundle containing animal remains and other natural materials, most notably the fae-cherished fruits of juniper and elder, mugwort, and the spirit-holding cotton of the ceiba tree.

Imps, by our definition, are always intimately tied to a point in nature - be it animal, place, tree or plant - even moreso than other spirits like Goblins, Faeries, or Pixies. To work with imps is a way of working with an intelligent and useful representative of the greater concept they emanate from.

This imp is specifically tied to bats, and is able to pinpoint the specifics of any situation- in particular the minutae that might evade detection or notice otherwise. All imps by their nature may take on responsibilities and small tasks to which they are set by their owner, but ultimately serve that which gave them birth before the will and demands of the magician.

This imp babog is eight inches tall, and the fetish body is made of pods and hooks of Devil’s Claw supporting a bundle stuffed with bat, kapok, mugwort, elder berries, juniper berries, various animal remains and other ingredients surrounding the stone that houses the Imp's spirit. This is decorated with jackal fur, leather, and a hagstone.

While the babogs are solidly constructed, they are top heavy by design. The hooks of the Devil’s Claw and twigs used in the creation of their final form are themselves sturdy, the fetishes are meant to be housed in the area where they will be worked. Caution should be exercised when handling and transporting to avoid damage, both to the practitioner (the hooks can pierce the flesh) and to the fetish itself.

This imp will come with his details: name, mannerisms, description, history and story (if applicable), likes/dislikes, suggestions for working with him, and other pertinent information. Included also will be a vial of our Imp Oil.




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