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Stitching unstitched, pricking unpricked, blood-drinker


the stitchers
this paired fetish requires further

Contemplate them, my soul; they
are truly frightful!
Like mannequins; vaguely ridiculous;
Strange and terrible, like somnambulists;
Darting, one never knows where, their tenebrous orbs.’
- ‘The Blind’, Charles Baudelaire,
Les Fleurs du mal, William Aggeler translation

A strange new line of Beasts, the Stitchers are bastard offspring of the shells of the dead and the machinations of Those Who Watch and stir souls through instigation and observation.

Violent, dangerous, inhuman and curious, they are an odd pair that must go to a very specific home. Their works are many - vampirism and the shifting of the dead, attack and defense, destabilization, the movements and applications of fear, and the creation of new spirits (amongst other uses). Of particular interest is their gift for destabilization, and the ways that it might be utilized by the cunning: by shifting the husks of fears and memories into greater focus around a person, insecurities and buried neuroses and memories rise to the fore and gain greater power and command focus. Of clear first use would be the potential for the ruination and tormentation of a person through this - but perhaps more usefully lies the possibility of their careful application by a diviner or any counselor of people who needs access to the darker regions of a person’s psyche for the use of exorcising those phantoms of trauma - be it spiritually, therapeutically, or a combination of the two.

As such, due to the danger of the instability they may bring in the wrong hands, they are not openly for sale without a prior interview. If interested in purchase, please contact us to set up a phone or Skype conversation with the Wolf of Wolf & Goat to speak more about them and determine if they would be suitably at home and can be sold with a clear conscience.

They are composed of a firm body covered over with stitched and stained fabric, and ceiba fiber stuffing around the joints, which are nominally poseable. While technically capable of standing upright, a doll stand of some sort would still be recommended. They are ostensibly male and female - with the female wearing a skirt of braided cloth and ground glass beads - with a third dual-gendered matching doll unphotographed and brought left in a remote and potent place in the forest. They stand 20” and 19”, respectively.

They will come with a mandated dirt mixture, and a selection of pins, fangs, lances and thorns that will enter into the work performed with them. In lieu of a scroll, further voice-conversations with the Wolf will provide detailed instruction on their nature, care, and use.


price $1300 The Stitchers (set of