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Shifting like crow-feathers over leaves

The Sylvan Dreamer... Babe-of-the-Wood, whose glamour of youth covers something older than all of us - that ancient power that resides in the forest, that thrums through the trees when they whisper to themselves and is heard by the birds alone. That power yielded by those Faery Others that live along and within it, and to those witches that bleed themselves into the black earth to seize its potential and its green fire.

This charm is a battery and a portal, either an ambient boost to one’s power in general (and with the forest and its spirits more specifically) - or a savage entry to the primordial Great Green if awoken and unlocked. A piece for power, for pacts, for entry and communication - a key to doors hidden in hawthorn and under the mounds.

The bundle within is created from over a hundred herb and trees remains, both rare and ordinary, ranging from bog oak to mandrake root to American ginseng and clover, from thistle to blackthorn and back again, and a multitude of animal ingredients from bone to skin to fur to tongue. A moldavite and two-holed hagstone sit at its heart, worked with Wolf & Goat’s Heart of the Green, 13 Woods and The Oil of the Others.

It is packed within ceiba floss and hand-stitched within leather painted over with dirt from a lightning-struck oak, with individually hand stitched green glass beads along its stitch-lines. Atop this are cherry branches, fur, devil’s claw barbs, feathers and a manikin of foxglove root masked with a child’s face. It contains no direct human remains.

This charm is a small forest in and of itself, and is designed to be operable both by those with or without ready access to Old Forest and its denizens.

A charm for witches.

It will come with a cloth scroll, and a small bottle of Wolf & Goat’s (unreleased) Babe-of-the-Wood Oil.



SOLD Sylvan Dreamer:  A Charm for

sylvan dreamer:  a charm for