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The Throne of the Silk-King,

A spider’s-nest of possibility seized at the root and made manifest, the Black King charms are a duo never to be repeated, a cavalier-brand of enormous power, torches shivering before a room of gunpowder and Regents set to charge a kingdom.

Batteries ultimately, storehouses of extreme strength - yet with a sentient grey eye staring behind them and guiding their hand(s) - the Black King charms are both practical and workable, as well as being lenders of dynamite potency to magical works simply by their ownership and presence.

A charm for any worker - a rare charm, and one of the more potent ever made for public sale by the Wolf of Wolf & Goat. They are not limited or centered to any particular type of magic, instead being able to direct themselves at any sort of work.

These pieces are centered around fragments of citrine found on a mountainside while making a pilgrimage to a mountain top that lay within the range of totality of the 2017 Solar Eclipse that swept through the United States in late summer. The stones were ritually worked and charged during the entirety of the eclipse, while bathing naturally in the torrential rain that fell during the minutes of totality.

These stones have been ordinarily kept for Wolf & Goat’s own private work, yet are here being included - for likely the only time. These charms will not be duplicated.

These stones sit at the heart, nestled by over 60 other potent ingredients ranging across animal furs, skins, bones and dried organs, some of Wolf & Goat’s more precious and rarely used or offered dirts, a wide array of stones, various plant parts, and needle and thread treated with a number of Wolf & Goat oils. This teeming bundle, this many-limbed and many-organed body, sits within ceiba fiber inside a hand-stitched and hand-beaded eight-sided goat leather ball, topped with a wooden finial, beads, bells, delicate gold lace, and a multitude of red glass-topped pins.

Information will be provided on a scroll detailing the varied methods of use of the charm, both those directly interactive with the spirit seated in the bundle, and the more ambient power-generator methods. Upon purchase, the charm will be officially ‘woken up’ and set to attention in the name of its new owner before being shipped.

Note: these charms will, by nature, only work for one person. Their power cannot be shared, nor can they be passed on to another person and still retain their potency. Both charms may exist and operate under the same roof however.

Each charm stands just shy of eight inches.



the black king:  two charms

SOLD The Black King: A Charm

SOLD The Black King: A Charm