Uma noite de espesa bruma, eu caminhava no cemiterio
Junto a las tumbas eu vi um homem, alma bendita com seu misterio
Mas a ele preguntei quem era, com muita me respondeu:

Eu sou da Falange da Meia Noite, eu sou da Falange de Seu Omolu
Eu voto minha capa com muita pena, eu sou Kaminaloá, eu sou Exu!

- Traditional ponto cantado for Exu Kaminaloá

Exu Kaminaloá is the Leader of the Linha de Mossurubi, with heavy ties to the Reino das Almas under Exu Omolu through Exu Meia Noite. He is a fierce Exu, known for his power over mind and the strength of his magic. He is known to invade the dream world, stalking in the shadows of our consciousnesses itself. He is found in the cemetery, where the moonlight flickers on the marble of the tombs, and the memories of Life stir the passions of the living and dead alike. He is a curious spirit, merging an African legacy with the Caboclos of Brazil, and coming almost like a Preto Velho, or 'Old Black'. For those who gain his favor, and it is a favor hard won for most, he can be a strong ally in mastering the lunar realms of dream, trance and illusion. Saravá Seu Kaminaloá!

Manifesting as a Caboclo but of African descent, adorned with many feathers and piercings and carrying a cigar and a trident, this Wolf & Goat original depiction is rooted in the traditional descriptions of the spirit. It is almost impossible to find sculptures of Kaminaloá despite his high prominence in Quimbanda, let alone those that match his traditional descriptions. This Wolf & Goat original was borne not only of these old descriptions, but of continuous contact with the Exu himself during the sculpting process.

Exu Kaminaloá, as a leader of the Mossurubi, is appropriate for any Quimbandeiro/a to honor and work with that has an affinity with the line he heads. If one is new to Quimbanda, we can provide a preliminary reading *gratis* to see the best way to work with this Exu for the purchaser- while he can be approached by anyone, he is specific in his likes and manner of working. Knowing how he should be approached (if at all) for each person is a responsibility we take seriously and will seek to provide for whomever is called to purchase him.

As with all our Quimbanda statues, this was sculpted by an initiated Quimbandeiro and can be crossed (charged) in a traditional three-day ritual by a Tata Quimbanda upon purchase, with the load packed in large cowry shell implanted in the bottom of the base. We will contact you upon purchase to discuss the option of crossing the statue, which is included in the price of the piece.

Statues are one of the main ways non-initiates may venerate the mavambos and catiços of Quimbanda, and crossing by a Tatá allows the specific axé of a particular spirit to reside in those statues. Know that periodic offerings of alcohol and tobacco, and keeping the statue away from sunlight after consecration are the de facto minimum for keeping the pact with the spirit.
Allow two to three weeks after purchase for the statue to be charged and shipped.

He stands just under fourteen inches tall and will come with a cloth scroll with information on the Spirit and a separate scroll detailing a Despacho de Entrada to welcome the statue to your temple of working. A reading will be provided to determine compatibility and the best means of working with the spirit for the purchaser.



Leader of the spirits of

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